NGABO DESIRE Cesar aka El’Cesart

Who is Cesar Ngabo Desire? Spirited, skilled and sincere are only a few words to describe the upcoming artist.

Cesar Ngabo Desire also known as El’Cesart is a visual artist creating honest work celebrating Black people, culture and Afrofuturism. His work takes the form of digital illustration, paint, apparel designing, and photography.

El’Cesart explores pop society, turning it into an intriguing globe of bold colours, textures and prints. Uplifted and inspired by Black culture his work brings together those who articulate a healthy relationship with life. His work features characters from music artists and film stars to raw beautiful women and men. Connecting with viewers who understand the concept of cultural aesthetic. Nudity can be expected in his magnetic work.

Initially wanting a career as an animator or concept artist for games and comic books, El’Cesart is an emerging influencer of the new era inspired to push boundaries within art representing Black Africans. Gaining over forty thousand fans from around the world on Instagram his artwork has gathered many praises including A-list celebrities from Michael B.Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o ,Jaden and Willow Smith, T- Paint, Tory Lanez just to name a few.

Although the story of this 23-year old may sound like a typical teenager graduating from high school and attending college- his work is very far from the norm. Staying true to his vision and beliefs of shedding light on communities of Black Africans, Desire has collaborated with ‘Black Excellence’ streetwear before, he designed a collection of unisex t-shirts featuring some of his most popular print images, but now he has launched his own streetwear collection that you can purchase straight from his website. Taking steps into the fashion industry was yet another strong method to expand his parameters as an artist and creative designer.

The ability to demonstrate artistic talents through different tools and paths is a significant skill to hold for any artist. Especially important now when new materials and platforms are surfacing, as an artist it’s key to either adapt or rebel against them. Choosing either direction is a rewarding performance for any audience, if done in a creative and careful manner. On this occasion El’Cesart must be applauded for taking on the fashion industry and continuously growing his already very successful portfolio. However, his pool of talent does not end there for the young man who has recently started producing music beats. Sharing his newly taken journey into the music world it’s clear to see Desire is keen to be involved across the creative industry.

El’Cesart has taken a bigger steps by starting to collaborate with known American companies, press and magazines such as BLEACHERS REPORT, Revolt TV, ABFF (American Black Film Festival) and particulary Annapurna Studio a production house where by He created amazing artworks for their Oscar winning movie''If Beale Street Could Talk'' a movie directed by the Oscar winning director Barry Jenkins. One of El’Cesart’s artworks for ''If Beale Street Could Talk” was put as a mural in one of the Streets of Harlem New York prior the official release of the movie.

Private buyers can also pay for commissioned artwork, in which they automatically become the almighty painted on a canvas of their own body and face. Desire’s bright and detailed interpretations show his persistent pure motives to empower Black culture and help the audience connect with their experiences. He addresses the representation of Black beauty, sexuality and power in today’s world.

Focusing majority of his work heavy on digital art, he really does create masterpiece that viewers want to take home with them. For artists like Desire, digital art has provided a valuable platform of unlimited experimental possibilities in their practise. Artists can use digital art mediums to demonstrate their skillset using unconventional tools and expand their ideas outside of traditional methods.

El’Cesart is defiantly rare in rendering paint against canvas and digital illustration, but what really sets his work apart is its celebratory soul, that each piece of work showcases. Desire’s work offers inspiration, interest and thought. From here onwards he will continue to invite the audience on to a trip through his artwork, photographs and designs, for those who join prepare to encounter a thrilling journey.

Written by journalist Rosa Dere of Leaked Media.


Art that isn’t only confined to your home

El’Cesart streetwear Unisex T-shirts, Sweaters and Hoodies.

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“If Beale Street could Talk”

El’Cesart ‘‘If Beale Street could talk’ artwork’ in Harlem NY>

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worked with:

Annapurna Studios, American Black Film Festival, Bleacher Report & Revolt TV to only mention a few…